Mami Wata ~ Cowrie Waistbead

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Production Time frame

This made-to-order-style is handcrafted within 3 business days from the date of order.
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Waistbeads have been a part of African Culture for centuries. In West African countries like Nigeria, where I’m from, waist beads are worn to express womanhood, femininity, fertility, spirituality, protection, seduction, confidence, sensuality, wealth, celebration and so much more!

Here at NTB, we’re focused on the sensuality, spirituality and wealth part lol! It’s all I want for myself and you goddesses!

Many cultures once used Cowries as currency, today, we use it to attract abundance and wealth! White beads represent purity and are a unification of all the colours of the rainbow and so posses the positive(and negative) aspects of all colours, but you know I made it with positive energy only!


  • Off-white beads laced with gold beads and cowries
  • N charm
  • Gold screw cap ends
  • Extremely stretchy.
  • Shipped in a handmade Satin Pouch
  • Will cause excessive confidence, like Rihanna levels 

Mami Wata ~ Cowrie Waistbead

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