Put Me in Your Will ~ Waistbead Trio Set

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Waistbeads have been a part of African Culture for centuries. In West African countries like Nigeria, where I’m from, waist beads are worn to express womanhood, femininity, fertility, spirituality, protection, seduction, confidence, sensuality, wealth, celebration and so much more!

Here at NTB, we’re focused on the sensuality, spirituality and wealth part lol! Its all I want for myself and you goddesses!

While the colors in African waist beads are open to interpretation, some traditions equate certain qualities to various hues, Check out their meanings/intentions below before you select one or just match it to your bikini!

  • Pink – Beauty, femininity, love and kindness
  • Blue – Knowledge, healing, peace, truth, harmony 
  • Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity


  • 3 Waist beads in selected color theme. Please note that pattern of waist beads receive may differ from the pictures displayed but will always follow theme of ~ 1 Clear, 1 pearlescent pastel, 1 mixed glass beads
  • Extremely stretchy.
  • Gold screw cap ends
  • Shipped in a handmade Satin Pouch

Put Me in Your Will ~ Waistbead Trio Set

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